By Jack Coombs


We have had some crazy February weather this past month at the U of I, with temperatures reaching upwards of 60 degrees. During one of those warm days, I decided to take out my camera and see what the local squirrels were up to.



Ah yes, the classic “I think I left the water running” expression. Hopefully this squirrel makes it home before its house floods!



This one saw me trying to take its picture and immediately struck a pose. Thank you, Mr./Ms. Squirrel!



Chubby squirrel or average bunny? I will let you, the reader, decide.



Found this one burying its head into the ground. With our current political climate, I don’t blame him!



This squirrel did not seem too fond of me walking closer to him. Nevertheless, I got its picture.


Feb Quad.jpg

Whether you are a squirrel, student or quality citizen, I do hope that you’ve had the chance to walk outside these past few weeks. Even with the trees lacking leaves and the grass colored yellow, our campus still looked gorgeous in the sun. Stay classy, U of I, and hope for more warm days!


*Image Sources:

All photographs courtesy of Jack Coombs

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