The Return of Kim K

By Tajah Ware


She’s back and she’s better, or at least the public hopes so. In early January the infamous Kim K came back to her holy grail, aka social media. With photos of just her and her family, Kim’s return to social media was very simple. All of her photos were very minimalistic and had ’70s Polaroid vibes.




Since her highly-publicized robbery, Kim has posted around 29 new pictures on her Instagram, which isn’t really a lot considering the fact that she usually posts pictures in bulk. As I said before, all of her new photos have very humble vibes.  Now don’t get me wrong, her Insta pictures are still bomb. I would expect nothing less from her, but the posts have been remarkably less flashy when compared to her pre-robbery photos.




Yes, Kim did post pictures of herself and a few of her friends on a recent trip to Dubai and on an exclusive jet, however, it’s Kim Kardashian, and one shouldn’t expect anything less. Although she documented her trip, her photos were understated compared to the photos she took while in Paris a few months ago. Kim Kardashian is the queen of social media and as she gets herself situated back into the swing of things, I think are two things the public should know about her long awaited return:

One, she’s back, which means you can expect new pictures from her at least once a week. As a social media guru I doubt Kim will post any less than she did before the robbery. Two, the content Kim posts will be different. The flash and glamour will be documented less often than before.  It seems as if she will only being sharing experiences she deeply values with the public, whether it be time spent with her immediate family or vacations or events she goes to with loved ones.

Kim is back and better than ever, and if you doubt it, go check out her social media handles.



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