Slumbering in the Streets: Pajamas as Fashion

By Jane Lee


2016 had plenty of unique perspectives on clothes and how different wardrobe items could be worn. That meant pajamas were a thing. Whether it be silk, patterned or embroidered, pajama sets were seen from the runways to the streets.




Some may find the idea of styling pajamas exciting and fun, while others may think of it as a wardrobe malfunction which entails more stress than pleasure of experimenting with fashion. However, wearing PJs doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look like you’ve rolled out of bed with no time to get ready. There are ways to put some looks together.




Don’t forget that hair and makeup still play a role in the process of getting ready. From straight to wavy hair, the texture of hair gives the outfit an overall different vibe. Straight hair can make the look more casual yet classy. Wavy or curled hair can give the pajama look a more casual feel as well, depending on how tight the curls are; however, the curls will give off a formal vibe more often than not. But if tossing your hair up is a go-to look, by all means play around and make a bun, a high or low messy ponytail, or even make a braid. Another way to make sure the comfy outfit looks put together is with the help of makeup. A smoky eye will make your style bolder and sexier. If smokey eyes aren’t something you’re used to, then go subtle on the eye makeup and choose a bright lipstick to draw in attention. There is also always the option to wear sunglasses. There are a myriad of opportunities for fashion adventurers looking to spruce up their daily looks.




Just in case a set of PJs are too thin, throw on a robe to complete the look and keep you a bit warmer. From a light blossoming look to a see-through slit pattern, there is no shortage of ways to go about styling the ultimate pajama-inspired outfit. Also, you don’t necessarily have to wear a robe over a pajama set. Wear a pair of jeans and a simple blouse or tee and throw on a gorgeous robe. Voila, there’s a beautiful look that’s effortless yet extravagant.



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