How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Long Distance

By Mea Donnelly


Valentines day background


Valentine’s Day is an interesting day for a lot of people. It’s the one day of the year where grand romantic gestures are expected. But for the unfortunate couples that have to endure long distance, Valentine’s is a bit different. Luckily, in the 21st century, there are ways to make the distance more bearable on February 14.


1.Travel. If you have money or don’t have a test the next day, traveling to see your significant other is an extremely endearing gesture to show you care. You both get to see one another, forget about whatever distance there is, and just celebrate Valentine’s Day in a classic way.

2. FaceTime. Hear me out on this one. FaceTime dates are pretty routine for the average long-distance couple, but on Valentine’s Day, there are ways to spice this one up. Maybe you could both set up candles and eat dinner while talking. It may seem uncomfortable at first (like you are the only one doing it), but when you see your significant other doing the same thing, Valentine’s Day will feel a lot better.


3. Love letters. This one is a classic for a reason. Let your significant other know beforehand that you really want to do this and have it delivered on either February 13 or 14. In it, include everything you like about your person and how much you truly miss them. This romantic gesture is straight out of the book and can help make this day super special for the both of you.

4. Gifts. Have Amazon gifts delivered for both of you the day of. You’ll get to see what your special person picked out for you, despite any distance.


So there you have it, Illini, four ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day long distance. May you all have a very sweet and special day.




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