Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Campus

By Kelli Walker


Staying fit is a lot easier than you may think. It doesn’t require you to always go to the gym or spend hundreds of dollars buying top-brand food. Staying fit only requires that you make the right decisions.


  1. Bye Bye Bus, Hello Fresh Air


A cool, inexpensive and effective way to stay fit is by choosing to walk to classes and events instead of taking the bus. Also, instead of waiting for the next free treadmill at your local gym, why not grab your headphones, play the perfect playlist provided by The Spread, and discover new locations and events while taking a stroll on campus?


  1. Pedal to the Metal (The Actual Metal)!


Just like the earlier alternative to riding a bus, this example replaces the stationary exercise bike with an actual bike. A short bike ride around campus is a great way to expose yourself to new people and locations. So why use that stationary bike when you can ride an actual one while overlooking the beautiful scenery of your next adventure?


  1. Picnic With Abs


Usually, people grab a good book or a good meal and spend quality time in a park. So if it’s nice outside, you and your friends could grab yoga mats and have your very own workout session on the Quad!


  1. Smooth Way to End Your Workout


Regardless of which ideas you decided to try, a great way to end your workout is with a healthy smoothie. Nowadays, smoothies are being mixed with vegetables and can also be used as protein drinks. However they are prepared, they taste amazing and are a beneficial way to finish your workout.


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