Desperation Day Survival Guide

By Tajah Ware




What’s up, ladies and gents? It’s February, and we all know what that means–Valentine’s Day. Can’t you smell the love and lust in the air? I don’t mean to be cynical, but I feel like Valentine’s Day was more enjoyable when I was in elementary school. We’d have a party and everyone would get candy and a Valentine’s Day card. Now I’m on my own for Desperation Day (and I’m guessing you are too if you’re reading this). So I have composed a guide of things for people like us to do in order to survive Desperation Day.



One, do not and I mean do not text your ex. I understand the temptation you may feel, but resist. Texting your ex on Valentine’s Day is like eating when you’re bored: nothing good comes from it and you will feel like crap afterwards. Remember, you and your ex are broken up for a reason.



Two, do not mope around. Yes, we all want to be loved and it sort of sucks that we don’t have a significant other to spend the day with, but there some pros to being single on D-Day. For starters, you save so much money. You don’t have to buy anyone gifts, make a fancy dinner reservation or buy an outfit. Secondly, you can spend the day with your girls or guy friends. So if you like getting dressed up, go have dinner with some friends. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself from moping around (except texting your ex).



Last but most certainly not least, keep the hope alive, baby! As I said before, we all want to be loved and just because it’s not happening for us this year doesn’t mean to won’t in the year to come. Who says you won’t find someone who will run to your gate and tell you they love you before you board your flight? Who says you won’t find someone who will stand outside your house with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” until you take them back? No one.


Keep the hope alive on Desperation Day, ladies and gents. Your time will come.


*Image Sources:

Graphic created on Canva ( by Tajah Ware 

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