Awesome YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

By Indira Midha


I absolutely love watching YouTube videos. They’re so cool because a real, regular everyday person is behind a camera talking to you as if you’re their friend.



1. Jacksgap

  • The story of Jack’s Gap is a rather unconventional one. Jack Harries, and his twin brother Finn, created this channel when they took a gap year between high school and university in the UK. These brothers got to take some epic trips that they documented, but they also created exquisite short films with messages that tug on the heart-strings. Their videos have some very cool interactive components in which they included their audience from around the globe. Overall, although they stopped uploading, it really is an impeccable channel.



2. Button Poetry

  • Button Poetry is the channel to visit if you like poetry, dramatic performance, and anything to do with social justice. You see people from all walks of life on this channel, shedding light on important issues that they feel passionate about. I think it is the coolest thing in the world to see someone turn their pain or hardship into art and share it with the world. Slam poetry is one of my favorite art-forms.



3. Meghan Hughes

  • Meghan started off as a typical beauty guru, following in the footsteps of her successful sister, Lindsey, who was one of the first popular beauty and fashion YouTubers. Meghan gained real popularity when she changed the feel of her channel to a more bohemian, free-spirited advice channel. She has really honest chats about taboo topics, which I think is exactly what the internet needs. Her channel’s slogan is “stay smilin’,” so the encouragement for positive living is uplifting and inspirational. Definitely go give Meghan’s channel a view.




4. Indira’s Inner Beauty

  • I actually have a YouTube channel of my own, titled Indira’s Inner Beauty! I create mostly travel diaries, but I also promote messages of inner beauty and social justice, somewhat similar to those on Meghan’s channel. These three channels above all contain elements of what I hope I can make my channel into. I also have some vlogs (video-blogs) up showing what my life at UIUC is like! Check out my channel and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments of one of my videos!


Happy watching!


*Image Sources:

IIB photo courtesy of Indira Midha

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