Winter Fashion: The More Layers, the Merrier

By Jane Lee


Warmer Than Chestnuts Roastin’




The holiday season calls when pumpkin spice, caramel/creme brulee, and chestnut scents and flavors are all the rage. There are no prettier colors than a light beige or chestnut shade to warm up your wardrobe. The outfits pictured above show three different ways to deliver a toasty vibe that eases the eyes and warms you up.

Whether it be a chunky sweater, a suede motor jacket or booties, having a caramel, pure white or tan item in your look brings a warmer aesthetic to your winter fashion. The weather outside is cold enough, so look decked out in cozy shades that won’t fail to make you stand out during the winter days.


Channel Your Inner Cable Knit Obsession




Layering is a part of Fashion 101, right? Well, at least for winter, it’s a brilliant necessity. The outfits portrayed above show simple ways to layer a knit sweater to keep you from shivering in the cold. Layering a sweater over a crisp white button-down shirt is a classic, as seen in the first look. A white button-down helps make the thick sweater look more elegant. Style the top half with skinny jeans or a skirt and stockings and finish with loafers or boots to look clean and polished.

The next outfit has three layers: A knitted turtleneck to start, followed by a denim jacket and then another long pea coat to top it off. This outfit is more casual and so chic because turtlenecks are hard to pull off, but when done in the right way are beautifully stylish. Wearing a pair of distressed skinny jeans will make the outfit more casual from head to toe.

The third and final look to this cable knit series is simply a sporty look. Layering a simple basic white tee underneath a chunky, loose sweater makes the outfit appear more effortless. Wearing denim for the bottoms and fashionable sneakers gives off a cool, boyfriend-style look. And just in case the layering isn’t warm enough, bundle up with a soft, oversized scarf that will be key to embracing cooler temperatures without having to overlayer.


Wrap it With a Signature




Presents are not the only things decorated and wrapped up to go. If you’re from anywhere but the South and West Coasts, winter months are a wee bit on the chillier side. Puffy down jackets are an essential to many who must endure strong winter winds and the brisk, chilling temperatures that are too much to handle. However, these puffed-up coats can make us look like human marshmallows, and sometimes looking a bit classier doesn’t mean you have to give up warmth. On days where winds seem to be calm and temperatures are at ease, go for one of the looks pictured above. The outfits share a similar style: casual, classy, yet effortlessly put together.

A classic long peacoat with a plain, patterned or striped sweater underneath will keep you snug and warm, and if you need more layers, feel free to pile them on underneath. A nice skinny jean helps to sculpt and outline the lower half of your body. This balances out the boxiness of the top portion of the look. Go for comfortable shoes like a pair of sneakers or low heeled booties. Adding socks with a pop of color or fun patterns can add edginess to the entire look as well.

Before sprinting out the door, make sure to grab a nice scarf to complete the entire outfit. Scarves are a must since keeping your neck warm helps ward off any risk of catching a cold! These outfit are a way to stay warm and fight off the cold in a chic, comfy and charming way. Embrace the cold and make this look one of your signature winter styles.


*Image Sources:

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All other images are from Pinterest

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