Velvet and Silk: Trendy Holiday Textures

By Tajah Ware



Velvet and silk have become two of the hottest textures this year. People, fashionistas or not, are in love with these two luxurious materials but just don’t know how to pair them together. Well don’t fret, because I’m here to help.

The holiday season has arrived, and with Christmas just around the corner, I know everyone is trying to figure out what to wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Silk and velvet are musts this season, so let’s talk about how to properly pair the two.

For starters, relax and remember that fashion is fun and also very subjective. There is never a right or wrong way to wear certain pieces; just because I pair velvet and silk one way does not mean another person will wear it the same way, or even agree with the rules  I have for pairing different textures. Fashion is all about embracing yourself and what you like, so keep that in mind as you choose your outfit.

When pairing velvet and silk, it’s important to remember not to overdo it. It is important to have balance when you are mixing textures. There’s nothing worse than being over-textured. Also, when pairing the two, remember that color is important. Consider pairing silk and velvet pieces that are similar in color. Below are some looks I have created with Polyvore just for you!




As you can see, the blush velvet jacket and the cream silk crop top go together very nicely. Pair those two fabulous textures with a dark jean and a neutral heel and you’re ready to go! Whether it be downtown to get dinner or hot cocoa with some friends, or on Christmas Eve when you’re caroling or window shopping with your family, this is look is feminine and simple.




This look encompasses another important tip to remember when wearing these two textures together: switch it up! I know the idea of velvet pants may sound strange, but they look FAB! Not only that, they are comfortable and add a certain splash of individuality to your look.




My last look, which also happens to be my favorite, is so sexy yet understated. This beautiful black silk dress is paired with burgundy velvet heels and a black skinny choker. This look may have Santa considering putting you on the naughty list.



*Image Sources:

All collages courtesy of Tajah Ware

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