The Nutcracker is Coming to Krannert

By Kelli Walker




There is no better way to introduce the winter season and end this year by experiencing a traditional Nutcracker performance. This famous performance is usually broadcasted on television for millions to see, but the University of Illinois will proudly be bringing it to you live at the Krannert Center. This performance debuts on December 1 at 7:30pm and will end on December 4 at 6:00pm. With six performances total, there is an opportunity for anyone wishing to attend the grand event. The prices for the tickets may vary depending on age, as well as your relation to the University of Illinois, so for anyone who is interested please do not hesitate to purchase tickets for you and your loved ones.

And let there be no worries, for no one is too young or too old to experience the great joys and beautiful ambiance the Nutcracker storyline presents. Whether you enjoy being able to imagine yourself as a character in the story or reminiscing on the old wonderful memories from your own childhood, this is a performance you will not want to miss out on. And with the help of the Champaign-Urbana Ballet and Symphony Orchestra, whether you’re a lifetime fan or a first-time attendee, this performance is proven to be a magical event for you, family and friends. So make sure to mark your calendar and come out with your family and friends to the Krannert Center.


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