The Best Winter Boot Brands

By Molly Cline


‘Tis the season of winter jackets and winter boots. For some people who came to the University of Illinois from a different state, the concept of winter boots might be totally foreign. Here is a guide for the top three best brands of winter boots.


1.) Sorel Tofino




Sorel boots are great for really cold places. They are lined with warm insulation and are tall, which means your shins will be covered and kept warm as well. Sorel is also a more stylish brand. Weather forecasters have predicted a very cold January and February, so Sorel boots are a good choice for warmth, style and comfort.

There are many places to buy these boots, including Sorel’s website. Dicks Sporting Goods and Nordstrom also sell them. They range between $39 and $170.


2.) The North Face Nuptse Purna




North Face boots are very lightweight and cute, as well as easy to take on and off. They are not bulky but also not very warm, so these would be good for the occasional night out or for short trips outside like walking to class.

These boots can be purchased on Amazon, Backcountry, MooseJaw,, Eastern Mountain Sports and Zappos. The price range is between $78 and $130.


3.) Kamik Momentum




This is the cheapest of all three brands. Kamik boots are cozy, affordable and warm. However, they are not very stylish or water resistant. These boots would be good to wear outside when it is very cold but there is no snow on the ground.

They can be purchased online at Cabelas, Amazon, Backcountry, MooseJaw and Zappos, and cost between $36 and $90.


No matter the winter weather, there is a boot for you. There are boots for the snow and boots for when it’s just really cold outside. There are more expensive boots and cheaper boots. The choice is yours, just make sure to stay warm during the winter!


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