Some of the Best Throwback Christmas Movies and TV Episodes

By Briana Fields


The Santa Clause




This is exactly what a Christmas movie should be – it’s funny and focuses on family and Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) becoming a better person when he has to become Santa Claus. Any movie where we get to actually see the magic of the North Pole is good in my book, and the little boy who plays Scott’s son is also adorable. Besides, who didn’t love Bernard the Head Elf?


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, “Christmas at the Tipton”




This episode from the show’s very first season is a real throwback, but it’s a great one. Everyone gets snowed in at the Tipton and the twins have to help a pregnant woman who goes into labor in the elevator.

The Polar Express




This movie is one of the first I vividly remember seeing in a theater, so it definitely holds a warm spot in my heart. The animation is a bit odd, but it has a song about hot chocolate and an adventure to the North Pole, plus Tom Hanks plays almost every character and who could ask for anything better?


Phil of the Future, “Christmas Break”




In this episode of one of the most often forgotten Disney Channel throwback shows, we get flashbacks to the first time Phil and his family visited the present. I’m a sucker for any flashback episodes, plus it’s very sweet that Phil fixes the Christmas star for Keely.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas




This is an obvious one. If there is one film that sums up Christmas spirit, it’s this one. There’s music, humor, a dog, and when the Grinch stops being a Grinch, it’ll make your heart grow three sizes too.


Lizzie McGuire, “Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town”




It would be literally impossible for me to make this list and not put this episode on it. Lizzie McGuire is amazing on its own, but add in Aaron Carter singing “I Want Candy,” Christmas decorations and a kiss under the mistletoe, and it’s an instant classic.


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