REVIEW: The Edge of Seventeen

By Vanessa Herrera

*WARNING: Spoilers*




I’m not really of fan of high school movies. Maybe it is the manner of how unrealistically high school is portrayed. It’s always the same plot and stereotypical characters that creates a different world for those who have yet to enter high school. We’re in a different generation where life does not just revolve around who is popular and who is not, but is rather about finding ourselves.

The minute I saw the trailer, I was intrigued. I had not been interested in watching a movie that revolved around high schoolers for years. Maybe it was the music choice, or maybe it was the relatable situations highlighted in the film. All I knew was that I needed to see it. At the end of the movie, I did not leave disappointed. As basic as it might sound, I laughed and almost cried.

You follow the main character Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) who finds herself lost in a turmoil of problems due to her best friend dating her brother. She can’t accept the relationship which leads her to the loss of a friend and a series of wild events.

One way or another, you find yourself relating to Nadine. Maybe it’s the feeling that no one cares about you or that the person you crushed on didn’t turn out to be who you thought. Her eyes were opened to the fact that regardless of your status in life, everyone has problems. Someone could shine like a precious jewel yet be broken inside.

The ending was what I assumed: a happy one. However, isn’t that what we all need in order to find hope? This coming of age film truly connects with you, even if you’re past your high school years. I know I’m still trying to find myself even though I’m close to finishing college.

I highly recommend you go out and watch this movie. Though there are dark moments, there are also moments you will find yourself cringing or laughing. This movie gets an A from me.



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