Reflecting on Your Health, Happiness as the Year Ends

By Kelli Walker

posmindvibeslifeThe last month of this year has finally arrived, and reflecting is a must if you want to have a better next year. Many people think reflection is a waste of time, but one of the best ways you can start living a healthier life is by having a clear mind – and a great way to start doing so is by reflecting on the past year.

Whether it was a terrible breakup or a goal you had but were unable to achieve, reflecting can eliminate your unwanted stress and help you maintain a clear focus for next year.

Some additional ways to do just that is to try yoga or meditation. Both force the body to relax, which ultimately forces the mind to do the same. So if you have trouble with stress and can’t seem to release the tension, this is a great option for you.




Another option is for those who enjoy writing: using the activity to reflect. Write down exactly why you were unable to achieve your goals or what problems caused you to fail. What could you have done differently to achieve them? What lessons did you learn out of that relationship?




Overall, reflecting is a great way to let go of any baggage or burden placed upon you. And what better time to do it than the last page of this chapter, the month of December? You will be able to turn to the next chapter of your life and start fresh in the new year that awaits you.


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