International Students Returning Home

By Nina Xie


This is a ticket of the Chinese railway. You may not understand it, so I added some translations.


How exciting, only half a month to go before break! International students are the most excited because we finally get to go back home! It is especially thrilling for those who came to America for the first time. I interviewed some of my friends who are also from China. Let’s go and see how they feel about the upcoming holiday!


–Crystal Liu, University of Colorado at Boulder:

“I cannot wait anymore! Finally we will be back home! I’ll stop dieting and eat whatever I want, I mean it! But before I go, I have to dye my hair black again so my dad won’t get mad. And I have to buy gifts for you guys! Although it is not Spring Festival, we can celebrate Christmas!”


–Eva Liu, UIUC:

“You could not imagine how excited I am right now! My parents are already in Chicago for Thanksgiving break, and we are heading to Houston for winter break. I miss my grandparents so much, and all of my high school friends! Can’t wait!”


–Anna Wang, Northeastern University:

“Nina, it’s time to think about where to eat right now! Only a month left, and we have to figure out where to party! Can’t wait to see you all! And we have to go back to high school together! I miss it and everything we have done there so much! We should definitely go there once together.”


–Christine Xin, University of Leeds, UK:

“You know what, I have prepared all the gifts for you four! Leeds is a good place, I can buy all kinds of brands here! You will be surprised by the time you see your gift, I promise you! We have to plan a trip, and we can go somewhere together, anywhere!”


We all cannot wait for holiday break!



*Image Sources:

Featured image taken from

Ticket image courtesy of Nina Xie

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