GALLERY: UIUC, From Fall to Winter

By Jack Coombs


Although it happens every year, the seasonal change from brightly colored fall to the cruel, cold winter is always a spectacle, especially on the University of Illinois’ beautiful campus. The following are a few images showcasing our campus transforming from fall into winter.



Armory Ave. is a hotspot for students traveling to and from the main quad.


These two photos were taken near the BIF (Business Instructional Facility) just two weeks apart.



Trees next to David Kinley Hall losing their leaves.



The last leaf on this tree branch hangs on by a thread.



Taken from the steps of Foellinger Auditorium.



Bright red leaves are abundant on bushes around the Armory.



The sun just peeks out behind the South Quad bell tower.


We have had very mild and warm fall weather this year, but soon we will need to break out the winter coats, boots and scarves. Stay warm, U of I!



*Image Sources:

All photographs taken by Jack Coombs

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