Avoiding Love Life Questions From Family

By Vanessa Herrera




Don’t you love the holidays? From all the food you can eat with no shame to having an extended, lazy winter break, it’s a blissful time of year. Everything is wonderful and perfect until you hear the dreadful question – how’s your love life? Now you feel like you’re in the beginning of a Hallmark holiday movie and trying to find the remote control to hit STOP.




Why is this seriously a question that must be asked? Whatever happened to simple questions like “how’s the food?” It almost seems like there is an unwritten rule for single people to be made aware that they are “forever alone.” These questions don’t hit until you reach a certain age and get worse when you’ve reached the age where everyone thinks you should be married.

The worst is when Aunt Patty tries to set you up with people she swears would be perfect for you. If you know any better, typically they’re not. Then there is that one cousin who always brings someone new to the party and becomes the prime example of what you “should” be. Too bad you can’t sit at the kids table like the good old times to hide from reality and sip on sparkling nonalcoholic wine.




You honestly can’t run away from the question until you have someone linked to your arm. Rather than letting it bring down your mood, why not have fun with it?

So if Aunt Patty comes around and asks, you can…


Say you’re already in a committed relationship.

Let’s be honest, we all have something we really love: food, wine, our pets. The key is not letting her know exactly what it is, but rather that you’re happy and in love.





Tell her about your Tinder adventures.

If you are bold enough, why not tell her about your swipes? This might horrify her, but it will have you laughing for the rest of the remaining year. Or maybe the tables get turned and she ends up sharing her own Tinder stories.





Go into a long rant.

Turn that question into an opportunity. Maybe there’s something that has been bugging you all week long and now you have someone lending an ear. Try and see how long you can rant and distress before Aunt Patty’s next target.





Be proud.

In other words, tell her the truth but demonstrate you are strong and independent. Tell her you are fine and happy where you are currently in life.





No matter how hard you try to avoid getting asked the golden question, it always seems to follow you. The question you should ask yourself is how you are going to handle it. You can’t hide from it, so you might as well embrace it. Have a little fun and don’t let it change your mood. Remember, you’re a beautiful, strong independent person who deserves to shine.



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