A Series of Unfortunate Events is Coming to Netflix

By Ada Li


Readers who grew up reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, please raise your hands. Now put the other hand up if you actually finished all 13 books and wave them in the air if you’re excited for the upcoming Netflix series.




After a 10-year hiatus, Count Olaf and the Baudelaire orphans are finally back. As a fan myself, the 2004 movie adaptation wasn’t enough to fill that empty void every reader feels after finishing a book.

Fans of A Series of Unfortunate Event rejoiced when Netflix announced the development of a TV series back in 2014. The buzz didn’t really pick up until last year when someone released an high-quality, homemade trailer taunting fans and tugging at their heartstrings as if it was the real thing. When Netflix did release two teaser trailers for the series, they did so in the most Lemony Snicket fashion. The first one opens with Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton) walking through an empty set and advising the viewer to proceed no further due to the unbearable, heartbreaking nature of the story yet to unfold. The teaser itself screams Snicket’s signature tone found in the books. The other focuses on introducing Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) as well as Violet Baudelaire (Malina Weissman), Klaus Baudelaire (Louis Hynes) and Sunny Baudelaire.  



The official trailer fills in the empty gaps of the teaser trailers. It opens with Lemony Snicket briefly introducing the Baudelaire children in a colorful setting until the news of their parents dying in a fire turns everything within the frame dark and gloomy. For the rest of the trailer, every scene seems to have a gloomy undertone to it, reflecting the unfortunate situations Count Olaf places the orphans in.

As of now, the series will contain eight episodes and should cover everything from the first to the last book. The release date is January 13, 2017, so mark your calendar and get ready to binge watch the entire series in one sitting.




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