Why I’m Thankful for my Best Friends

By Ada Li


The season of thanks is upon us. Maybe it is the colorful falling leaves, the chilly autumn wind or the fact that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, but I can’t help feeling blessed for having the most amazing best friends ever. Here are the reasons why I am thankful for each one of my best friends.





I’ve known you for practically half of my life. That is a lot of years for a 22-year old. Thanks for going along with my wild, almost borderline crazy ideas even though you knew better when we were kids and accepting the dork I am to this day.

Thanks for always lending an ear when I needed someone to vent to during our summer night walks. Thanks for bringing out the best of me by calling me out when I do or say something wrong. Thanks for not always agreeing with me and challenging my point of view. You continue to inspire me as an artist and a designer to stay creative. You may not know this, but you are one of the reasons why I challenge myself to become a better artist.






I have always wondered: If I didn’t work up the courage to sit down and talk to you on the first day of Geometry class freshman year of high school, would we have still become friends? If not, I have missed out on befriending someone as dorky as I am.

Thanks for watching and openly discussing Disney Channel shows with me, even though they are guilty pleasures for high schoolers. Also, thanks for bringing Adventure Time into my life even when I refused to watch it in the beginning. You constantly inspire me to be selfless and to put others before myself. Thanks for always lending a helping hand even when others leave me with all the work to do.






My partner in crime here at UIUC, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thanks for always going on late-night adventures with me and refusing to acknowledge that we’re both a little crazy sometimes.

Thanks for staying up late with me during those warm nights on the Quad, talking about random things and questioning our existence. I know I can always count on you for good advice since you always maintain a neutral viewpoint. Thanks for not giving up on me even when I get a little out of hand. I know that I do jump to conclusions way too quickly sometimes, and you’ve taught me to be more patient and understanding of others.


As we get older, we tend to have less time to see our best friends daily. It is part of growing up – schedules get busy, and sometimes your best friend might not even be in the same state or country as you are. During the season of thanks, and beyond, don’t forget to remind your best friends why you’re thankful for them.


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Photos courtesy of Ada Li

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