Why I Can’t Wait for Fall Break

By Carmen Castillo




There are a ton of things that I am looking forward to about going home for Fall Break. Anyone who goes away for college knows that the college vibe is so much different than the one you have at home. There are some things back home that I literally cannot wait for.

The very first thing that I’m looking forward to is the food. I am super excited to eat my mom’s cooking again. In college, it feels like you always eat the same things over and over again, whether you are spending money on food around campus, cooking your own meals, or eating from the dining halls. Nothing compares to my mom’s cooking, so that is the thing I am most looking forward to about going home for fall break.

Another thing that I am looking forward to is not having to share a room and sleeping in a big bed. My bed at home is so much bigger than my bed in college, and it is much more comfortable. I cannot wait to spend a whole week in my room where I am completely comfortable and feel 100 percent at home.




Anyone who has nieces or nephews back home should know how hard it is to be away from them. I have two nephews back home whom I miss every single day. I can’t wait to play with them, hug them, kiss them, and watch TV with them. They are literally my favorite people in this entire world.

I am also looking forward to catching up with my friends. I can’t wait to tell them what’s happened while I’ve been away and listen to what they have been up to. I also want to talk to them about future concerts we should go to, TV shows they need to see, and things like that.




Finally, the last and most important thing that I am looking forward to about going home for break is just spending time with my family. I have a really big family at home, and we often just sit on our porch and talk about anything and everything until maybe one or two in the morning. I can’t wait to catch up and spend some time with the people I love most and feel the most comfortable with.



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