Unconventional Study Places on Campus

By Indira Midha


During the strenuous midterm season, the UGL and Grainger are always packed without an empty seat to spare. The crowded and frantic environment is less than ideal for many students trying to keep their stress levels low. The following are some of my favorite places to get work done while escaping the crowds and intense vibes.


Lincoln Hall Courtyard



While this spot is almost out of season, working outside (when warm enough) can be so relaxing! The minimal noise and feeling of being outdoors are an ideal, unbeatable combination. Since Lincoln is on the Main Quad and close to most things, this spot is perfectly located. Additionally, the nearby coffee shop Latté Da is perfect for grabbing study break snacks.


Communications Library Basement



This library on the first floor and basement of Gregory Hall is a really good space for anyone – not just communication and media majors – to grab a table and get to work. This space gives you the library atmosphere without the crowd or frantic tension in the air. The basement particularly gives an environment of “me and a bunch of books,” which can get students in the right mindset to have a productive study session.


Caffebene on Gregory Street



The atmosphere of this café is anything you could want from a “hipster coffee shop.” The staff is so friendly and accommodating, and the drinks, food and desserts are excellent. The noise level is high, but the environment fosters creativity and is very relaxed. Whether it is for studying, writing or even just hanging out with friends, Caffebene is the place to go!


Upstairs Floor of Cocomero



What’s more Illini than the Alma Mater? Studying by the window on the top floor of Cocomero gives you the beautiful view of Alma and Altgeld Hall, while also providing a fun vibe to sit and study. Whether you’re making yourself a unique froyo creation or getting some traditional bubble tea, there are tons of cool snacks to try at Cocomero while taking a study break. The place is always playing fun music and provides another lighthearted place to sit and get some stuff done. Its location on the corner of Wright and Green makes it extremely convenient to stop by in between classes!


Happy studying!



*Image Sources:

Caffebene interior photo taken by Indira Midha

All other photographs taken by Jack Coombs

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