The Perfect Look for Lazy Days

By Jane Lee


Long night? Woke up late? In a rush? If you answered yes to any of these questions, toss up your hair – and worries – aside.

There are several ways to get yourself put together and sprint out the door to wherever you need to be. Fashion is in favor of the lazy ones these days, as joggers, casual wear and overall athleisure clothing are trendsetting ways to settle for comfort.

It’s time to actually embrace the “I woke up like this” appearance. Here are a few ways to look natural and feel confident with clothing, hair and makeup.


Lazy Lovin’ Clothes



Whether it be leggings or joggers, comfort has seized the day. Don’t let the idea of loungewear fool you into thinking it can’t be styled to chic. As the brisk weather quickly approaches, it’s time to bring out the packed-away leather jackets and classy wool coats. When you have rather casual elements as the under layer of the outfit, joggers or leggings style well with classic sneakers or boots.

If you prefer sporting a classy athleisure appearance, stick to sneakers to complete the bottom look. However, with the crisp fall and numbing winter chills, combat boots also complement joggers and leggings quite nicely. Style the upper half of the outfit with a soft, warm crewneck sweatshirt or sweater and top it off with a jacket, whether it be leather, denim or wool.

Explore your closet and the choices it hands you. Settle for an effortless, rolled-out-of-bed look and appear fabulous.


Rush and Lush



Natural beauty is working its way back onto runways, making celebrity appearances. #iwokeuplikethis can now be to your advantage. When time is chasing you ‘til the last second before heading out, what do you choose: Put on full makeup and be late, or apply minimal coverage and be punctual? Although your decision may differ depending on the occasion, you’d rather present yourself as someone who can manage their time and be committed to their responsibilities, which entails arriving on time.

After washing up, make sure to moisturize. This is essential, especially with the colder season; winter is harsh on the skin. Then grab a concealer and work its magic by applying minimal coverage. To emphasize the eye, apply mascara to give your lashes a boost, which will also make you appear more awake. Lastly, add your favorite gloss or lipstick with a rosy, nude or coral tone. This subtle pop of color will have you looking alive and well. It’ll be impossible for someone to tell you were in a rush.


Saved By the Bell



Hair is a big deal. It frames our faces and can really make a difference in how we appear. When time is not sufficient, resorting to the hair tools won’t settle. On days when a straightener or curling iron can’t help you, take a creative route and do a quick updo.

Braids are pretty and easy to do. You can be creative with the type of braid you choose: fishtail, waterfall, classic, etc., and you can braid whichever part of the hair you want. Braiding gives you room for creativity and exploration, so have fun and find a new hairstyle that suits you.

Two other quick and easy hairstyles are the messy ponytail and half-up/half-down bun. The messy ponytail can be placed higher or lower on your head, so make sure to switch it from time to time. The half-up bun is another appealing and simple hairdo. All three updos give you room to test which style fits you. You’ll know the look was effortless, but others will have a hard time believing you got ready so quickly.



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