Movies at the Union

By Ada Li



The Main Quad and Illini Union viewed from Foellinger Hall.



During the weekends, the Union hosts movie screenings for free. Every Friday and Saturday night, Pine Lounge, located on the first floor by the west side entrance of the Union, is transformed from a study room into a mini movie theater.

Upon entering the mini movie theater, an Illini Union Board member will ask for your iCard, so don’t forget to bring it. On the off chance that you don’t have your iCard on you, don’t worry about it because it is mainly for the purpose of tracking attendance. A staple of the movie watching experience is popcorn. Free popcorn is provided to enhance the movie viewing experience but you can bring your own snacks as well. Sadly, drinks won’t be provided so bring your own soda or water for when you get thirsty from all that free popcorn. After grabbing your bag of free popcorn, you must decide where to sit in order to maximize comfort and get the best view in the room. The front rows consist of comfy sofas and armchairs while the rest are regular wooden chairs. Of course the sofas and armchairs are the first ones to get filled so get there early to claim them.

The movies are usually popular movies released within the year. They start playing at 7:00 pm so be sure to arrive a little early in order to grab the best seat in the room. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, pick a weekend, and enjoy a movie without the hassle of traveling to one of the movie theaters of campus.


Upcoming movies and dates:

Jason Bourne (11/4 & 11/5)

Kubo (11/11 & 11/12)

The Magnificent Seven (12/2 & 12/3)

Queen of Katwe (12/9 & 12/10)


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