The Sneaker Trend

By Tajah Ware


Fashion is subjective. Whether it be accessories, clothing or shoes, everyone has their own opinion on what looks appealing and what doesn’t. However, as 2016 comes to an end, it seems as if the sneaker continues to somehow walk its way into high fashion.

Whether it is Marc Jacob’s collaboration with Vans or Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas, sneakers have somehow rebranded themselves as fashion essentials. Sneakers aren’t just “in” because a few well-known designers decided to do collaborations with popular shoe brands. Someone, somewhere decided that sneakers could be worn in places besides the gym or amusement parks and I am overly thankful for that.

You can wear a fab pair of sneakers with almost anything: a dress, skirt or even a suit. This summer in California, I rocked one of my favorite pairs of sneakers, the Adidas Superstars, with a black slip dress.





I love the way a pair of sneakers can change the entire vibe of an outfit. I  have worn this same dress with a pair of lace -up heels, and the entire style of my outfit was different.

Sneakers can also really bring out an outfit. You could wear a simple jacket like the one I have on below, and add some unique kicks for a poppin’ look. Ted Baker’s sneakers are featured in the image.




Sneakers are an investment that you will never regret, so what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair!


*Image Sources:

Featured image from

Other photos courtesy of Tajah Ware

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