How to Make the Best of Your Last Year of College

By Vanessa Herrera




Dear Seniors,

Every day you get closer to that one big day you have waited your whole life for: college graduation. However, being caught in the cycle of school and work might make you find that you’re forgetting or denying that this is your last year. It feels like everything will last forever, but every good story comes to an end.

It’s a bittersweet chapter in your life, where you move on to greater things yet leave with just the memories. It’s been years of growing and making mistakes, shaping the person you have become today. The idea of not taking any more exams or doing homework might have you wishing for graduation, but don’t rush it. You might find later in life that you missed out on all of the little things you never thought you would.

My advice to you is: Make the most of your last year.

It can be difficult while juggling several responsibilities that are geared towards locking in your future. However, make some time to enjoy as much as you can because honestly, you will remember the moments you have with friends more than the time you spent in class. It’s okay to be a bit irresponsible – that’s what college is for.

Try to do everything you have been wanting to do since freshman year. Explore that one building you have never entered, go out with your friends even though you have class early the next day, sleep on the quad or stare at the stars. Don’t let the idea of a certain activity being seen as lame or cheesy stop you, because you’ll regret it later down the road.

I always say to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Try something new that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s taking that one fitness class you find interesting but think you’re not skilled enough for, or maybe it’s singing in front of people during karaoke night.

Don’t leave campus with regrets. Maybe you won’t get to do everything on your bucket list, but at least you tried. You’ll have memories that will last you a lifetime and make you smile every now and then. So make the most of it, and don’t feel guilty for doing so.

When the time comes for you to walk across the stage the moment your name is called, look around you and take it in, because you’re closing a chapter in your life story and beginning a new one.


A graduating senior




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