Couples Halloween Costumes: Scary Cute!

By Kelli C. Walker


Here are a bunch of costume ideas for you and your significant other this Halloween.


Marvel audition, anyone?





If you are a fan of superhero movies, then why not feel empowered and dress up as your favorite hero (or villain) – and what better sidekick than your loving partner? You never know, you two might just end up better heroes/villains than the actual movie.


Movies or cartoons brought to life!






We all love movies, but heroes aren’t always wearing a uniform with a cape. Your hero could be wearing a leather jacket like the Grease bikers. You and your S/O could also portray Beauty and the Beast, Flintstones, Star Wars, vampires, zombies, witches and so on. The opportunities are endless as long as they are respectable to cultures, races/ethnicities and people that actually exist.


Anything you can do, I can do better!






Ever wanted to wear a lab coat, a fireman’s hat or a SWAT suit? Now’s your chance. There are many costumes that allow you and your S/O to try out different “dream jobs” for the night.


Door knobs are cool too… right?





When it comes to Halloween, you’ll be amazed how creative people and couples can be. Therefore, doors, keys, soap, and plug-ins make great options. You and your partner will be standouts.


When all else fails, food can do no wrong.







Have a favorite food? Want to be a sandwich? Breakfast? Cookies and milk? WHY NOT! Halloween doesn’t always have to be a serious competition of who can pull off the best makeup or costume. Why not have a laugh and brighten other people’s nights while doing it? Chances are, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will have the most fun of all.



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