Typical Free Items U of I Students Get

By Ada Li


The beginning of each school year marks the start of the free stuff parade. Just imagine Oprah there pointing at each student and saying, “You get a free education, you get a free education, and you get free education.” In reality that will never happen, but free stuff still brings a smile to students faces.

Quad Day starts off the parade with a bang. Student organizations give out an array of free items on Quad Day in hopes of gaining potential members. Students get off on that free stuff high and go up to any booth offering free stuff. Obviously, the free stuff doesn’t compare to what Oprah gives away on her show but some are pretty useful for college students.




Who doesn’t like to receive free T-shirts? These free T-shirts are super versatile. Some of them come in pretty muted colors; but, the ones U of I hand out usually come in that obnoxious orange color to let anyone within the vicinity of the wearer know how much school spirit they have. Wear them to class or to work out at the gym. They are also great for lounging around in.




The first few weeks of school at U of I still feel like summer. To battle the hot, blazing sun, students need sunglasses. The sunglasses students receive on Quad Day come in handy. They are easy to store in backpacks, and if lost, students have another cheap pair somewhere in their rooms. Accessorize outfits with these shades because they are versatile. They come in colors that stand out and usually contain a logo.






Playing Frisbee on the Quad is a college must do activity according to Hollywood movies. Cross off this activity on the college bucket list by grabbing a free one.






Let’s be honest, not all free pens are created equal. Some are amazing and write well, but others lose ink after the second use and often contain the names of organizations. However, these free pens come in handy when someone in class asks to borrow one. That way even when they forget to return it, the pen is free anyways.


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