Favorite Halloween Movies

By Tajah Ware


As fall approaches, many things come to mind: the weather, beautiful leaves, the fashion, bonfires, hot chocolate and Halloween. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so I’m always pumped when fall comes around. Halloween is great for a number of reasons, including dressing up, parties, trick-or-treating, the creepy cool decorations you see in your neighborhood, and of course, the movies.

As a ’90s baby, there’s no way Halloween would be Halloween without some classic Disney channel films. Every fall season, Disney would air cool and spooky movies. Please stay with me as I reminisce about my favorite old-school Halloween flicks.






This classic Disney film encompasses everything that makes Halloween great: spooky spirits, witches, ghosts, family secrets, eeriness and an entire parallel universe dedicated to the Halloween aesthetic. If you’re ever in need of a happy and fun Halloween movie, Halloweentown is your number-one pick.


Hocus Pocus




Another Disney Channel classic, Hocus Pocus isn’t as standard of a Halloween movie as Halloweentown. There are witches and an old town with a sinister history. Let’s not forget a young Sarah Jessica Parker playing one of those witches. This is the perfect flick to watch on Friday night with a bowl of popcorn and pumpkin spice latte in hand.






It wouldn’t be Halloween without a slasher film. Scream is a classic because it has a solid plot, gut-wrenching twist and turns and very sexy cast 90’s cast. Scream reawakened the horror genre in the ’90s. If you want to watch a horror movie that’s actually good, then Scream is your best bet.


As I’ve gotten older, a lot about me has changed, however my taste in Halloween movies have not. I would probably still watch Disney Halloween films if they weren’t so bad. I’d also love to indulge in slasher flicks, but a good one hasn’t come out in years. Below are a few Halloween movies that I currently love to watch when the fall season comes around.






Hush is the underdog horror film this fall season. Posted on Netflix earlier this year, Hush is about a deaf woman going up against a crazy killer. Need I say more?


The Conjuring




Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without one night of sheer terror. If that’s what you need, then The Conjuring is your fix.


Don’t Breathe




Don’t Breathe is probably one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in a while. Halloween isn’t just about blood, guts and ghosts. It is about being on your toes and aware of all the weird stuff going on around you. When a girl and her friends break into a blind guy’s house for cash, they think it will be easy­­­–­­­­­­­boy were they wrong.



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