Dorm vs. Apartment Life

By Nina Xie


If you are given the chance to change your dorm, will you? If you do, will you choose a dorm or an apartment?

Freshmen are restricted to the Public Housing or Private Certificated Housing buildings on campus, so it is not that they cannot choose where they want to live, but it is the truth that a wide range of choices open up after the establishment of PCH.

If there were no limitations, would you like to live in a dorm like this?





As a sophomore or junior, are you curious about how the freshmen think about their dorms? Is that the same as what you thought when you were their age? As a pre-freshman, if you are going to make a choice about where you live next year, you may want to have a look at their choices. Let’s go and check it out!     


PCH – Apartments

“I was totally excited about the dorm life, but now I somehow feel regretful.”




“Before I went to the campus, I researched a lot about the public housing and private housing, and then compared the location, living conditions, and so many other aspects; I chose Illini Tower (IT) because it was the best option. But now, I think, maybe I had made the wrong choice. Although IT is high cost effective and its location is fantastic, there are too many people in it,and everyone hardly even knows each other because each apartment is comparatively independent. By the way, the food! Every day is the same! I don’t really like it. If I had the chance, I wouldn’t choose to live here.”



“Our rooms are a good size; not too small, and the food is good! I like it a lot!”




“I live in Bromley, and it is a private housing. I would rather call it an apartment. It was really convenient to live there because the location is good, and the living space is really cozy. The food here is really good, I like it a lot! I could cook for myself, or there are meals that fit my busy schedule. I feel good living here.”



Public Housing – Dorms

“I don’t really have much to complain about other than size.”




“I live in PAR, so it is public housing. I don’t really have much to complain other than the size. It is a really small room with only two beds and no private bathroom, but all freshmen that live in public housing say that. But the food is really decent; I pretty much use all of my meal credits and café credits. You’ve got to taste the cheesecakes!”



Go ahead and make your choice!

When choosing a place to live in, one student is most concerned with the food, while another cares more about the living conditions. It’s hard to judge whether a dorm is good or not since everyone focuses on different aspects.

Maybe you don’t like your dorm now, but after you become a sophomore, there will be a wide range of apartments for you to choose. They are much cheaper, the location will be more convenient, and the most important thing is that you can live with your best friends!


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