An Open Letter to Sophomore Year

By Jane Lee


Dear you, and by you I mean sophomore year,

Sophomore year is the year that no one mentions.  It’s almost like that unnecessary piece of lettuce squashed onto a sandwich, but it’s also needed for that crunch and fresh flavor.  I’m not sure if you understand what I’m envisioning, but I hope you resonate with me in some aspects.

In all honesty, I think every academic year presents itself with challenges, encouragements, blessings and breakthroughs.  Freshman year is a year of new beginnings: friends, professors, courses, and the overall lifestyle.  I was dazed and confused when I began to walk around the campus, getting a feel of how my college experience would unfold.  No one ever told me how fast that first year would fly over my head like a whirlwind.  Then came the unspoken sophomore year.  Certainly you are beyond excited to be back on campus after a few months of soaking in the sun, patio BBQs and daily sleep-ins.  But, soon enough, your workload picks up and being involved in multiple RSOs; daily meetings are also embedded into your schedule.

Don’t get me wrong though.  Yes, I have viewed this year as a hectic year filled with many stressful challenges, yet I loved every moment sophomore year had to offer.  Have you ever heard of the “sophomore blues”?  I’ve never heard of this until last year, when summer 2015 was quickly approaching and upperclassmen told me about the dreadful “blues” that hits you once you’re not a freshman anymore.  They explained it as a time where you miss being a freshman because nothing’s new, which meant there wasn’t as much excitement and that most of the upperclassmen would be seeking to help the incoming class and attention would be shifted on the freshies.  Personally, I don’t think this “sophomore blues” ever hit me.

Perhaps I was too busy to be concerned with who was giving me attention or what events were and weren’t new because the choice is absolutely up to you to venture into finding new activities and hobbies.

I can’t deny that sophomore year had an awkward transition one semester to the next, yet it was the year that I can truly say was an absolute gift.  The stresses, laughs, joys, thrills, hurt, and wonderment it has presented me with, I am beyond grateful for every unraveling moment that this year had for me.  More challenging courses meant I had the opportunity to stretch myself and grow beyond my own expectations.  Joining more RSOs on top of the ones I had already been involved in, allowed me to meet more wonderful people who share common passions as me, while we learned from our differences.

Another year means more new encounters, new studies and new exciting adventures.  There’s always time to explore, not only the surroundings, but start your journey from within and know your values and passions to drive you towards your pursuits.

Cheers to sophomore year! You’ve been oh so good to me.


Jane Lee


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