Summer Bucket List Ideas

By Carmen Castillo


Guys, summer is right around the corner!  That means nice weather, tanning, swimming and so much more.  But you don’t want this summer to be the same as all the other ones. Every summer should be better than the last.  Here are a few things you can do to make this summer a memorable one.



1.) Going to the pool can be a fun time, but going to the water park is awesome too.  Go ride on the lazy river, or take it up a notch and enjoy a few crazy slides.



2.) While we are on the topic of water, you should also try going to the beach at night. Going to the beach during the day is nice, but if it’s  a warm sunny day, it is definitely going to be crowded. The water looks so beautiful during late hours and if you are near a city, you will see how gorgeous the view is.



3.) If you plan on spending some time in Chicago, you should definitely buy a ticket for the water taxi.  It’s not an everyday activity, and a really unique, fancy way to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the city.



4.) Another place you should visit if you happen to be in Chicago this summer is the Shedd Aquarium.  There’s nothing like it and the view is amazing.  You can either go alone and just take pictures, take your friends or maybe even your nieces and nephews.  They’ll love it, and it is a great way to cross things off of your bucket list while spending quality time with your favorite people.



5.) Because it’s summer, you’ll definitely want to do something that allows you to spend time outside so try going to a baseball game.  Baseball games are thrilling and it doesn’t matter who you go with.  You can take with your family, your significant other or even your friends.



6.) If you want to do something fun without spending a lot of money, try having a bonfire and enjoying making some delicious s’mores.  Bonfires are a great way to have a nice evening without having to go far.  If you’ve never attended a bonfire or everhad a s’more, let’s change that… it’s for your own good.  But seriously, it’s an easy way to get outside and still do the the same things you can do indoors like sitting down, eating and relaxing.


Laser tag is available at Play Atlantis. (Photo by Dave Chapman)

7.) Alright, let’s talk about fun indoor activities like laser tag.  Take the people you feel most comfortable with and there’s no doubt that you’ll all have a great time.  Even if you go with people you don’t know too well, it’s a great way to loosen up with new friends and stay active over the summer.



8.) Another indoor activity to try is bumper cars.  Bumper cars are a great way to blow off steam, if you have any.  It’s also a time to joke around with your friends.  Instead of going to the same places you go every summer, try bumper cars if you haven’t yet.  It’s a lot of fun and completely safe.



9.) Now this next one is a little different, but how about a psychic reading?  You’ve most likely seen it in television shows or movies, but it would be pretty cool to see what a professional sees in your future.  It’s totally up to you whether to believe it or not, but it can be fun seeing what the future (may) have in store for you.



10.) This is the most simple activity of all, and you don’t even have to leave your house for it.  This summer you should take one day off from everything and have an all day movie marathon.  Depending on how you feel, you can either spend this time alone or with your favorite people.  Either way, it should be a day in your pajamas eating all of your favorite snacks.  We all could use a day off.



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