How to Get a Much-Needed Summer Glow

By Jane Lee


Summer is fast approaching and the countdown to late night talks, music festivals and tons of leisure time begins now.  As fashion trends for the summer consist of the usual boho and Coachella-inspired looks, don’t forget to not only switch your wardrobes but try out new day and night makeup looks for summer’ 16.


Smokey Trails of Brown Hues



Summer nights of sitting around the campfire to sing songs and tell tales won’t be the only smokey trails you’ll see.  A brown-hued, smokey eye makeup and bronze shade will add a touch of boldness to your look, while yet still leaving a gentle vibe.

Your friends will be shouting “s’more, s’more” to see more of your beauty glow from this makeup look created by BeautyLifeMichelle.



Roses are Red



Roses are red… and so are my lips and cheeks.  Summer is flourishing with colors all around: green grass, daisies, roses, blue skies.  It’s time for a beauty challenge: you versus nature’s beauty.

Inspired by HelloOctoberxo’s spring makeup tutorial, pink rosy tints for your makeup look can transition well into summer days.  This is especially true with the rays of sunlight hitting your face; the pink tone will imitate a sun-kissed glow.



Can You Keep Up?



So, can you keep up with the Kardashian’s beauty and fashion trends?  Whether it be Khloé or Kendall, these sisters are always the talk among social media’s beauty and fashion gossips.  We all know that days in the summer are super long with the sun setting close to 9 pm, but we can’t deny that summer nights are rather long lasting too.

Without more leisure time, nights out with friends are always planned.  For those G.N.Os or date nights with your mi amour, go for a bold lipstick color and copper-toned smokey eye, another look inspired by one of HelloOctorberxo’s tutorials.


Natural Glow over Sun Glow



Going from the gym to work, brunch or a grocery run, you can never go wrong with a light-tinted, natural makeup look.  Jessica Clement’s natural everyday beauty look has a hint of coral to her cheekbones and very minimal, subtle tones to her eyes.

Because natural makeup looks don’t accentuate the eyes or include heavy face makeup, a nice touch of shiny lip gloss finishes the simple yet naturally gorgeous look elegantly.  Who says we need the sun to make our faces shine?  You can simply use this makeup idea to look sun-kissed everyday, rain or otherwise.


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