COMING SOON: Gilmore Girls Revival

By Molly Cline




An iconic television series hit cable in 2000.  The show was about two quirky girls living their lives in  the small Connecticut town of Stars Hollow.  It was called Gilmore Girls.

The show ran 7 seasons, ending in 2007.  The 45-minute episodes gave viewers plenty of time to fall in love with the characters and the storyline.

It is a drama about a mother and her daughter.  Lorelai Gilmore gave birth to her daughter, Rory, when she was just 16 years old.  Gilmore Girls shows how they grow up together as best friends and are there for one other through thick and thin.  Rory is an ambitious journalist who studies at Yale University and Lorelai owns the Dragonfly Inn.

The series is surrounded by topics such as education, ambition, social class and family. Lorelai has very strict, wealthy parents, who try to do everything they can for Rory to make sure she has the perfect life.

The drama throughout Stars Hollow keeps viewers engaged in this series.  There is always a new twist in each episode that leaves viewers wondering what is going on in Stars Hollow and the lives of Rory, Lorelai and their friends.

Despite the fact that the series ended in 2007, fans can watch all seven seasons on Netflix.

Furthermore, there is a four-part Gilmore Girls reunion series coming to Netflix soon.  Production started in early 2016 and it should hit Netflix sometime in the future. It will be four 90-minute episodes entitled “Summer,” “Fall,” “Winter” and “Spring”.  All of the characters that we fell in love with in the original series will be back to entertain once again.  If you have never seen the show before or have forgotten what happened, you’ll have plenty of time to watch the series from start to finish before the revival comes to Netflix.

Get ready Gilmore Girls fans, the nine year break from the show will soon be coming to an end!


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