2016 Swimsuit Trends

By John Wong


Let us all collectively rejoice.  Gone are the days of temperatures so cold that they leave us begging for mercy.  As summer creeps up, it brings along warm weather.  This means you’re tryna hit the beach, right?  Right.

But we get it, ladies – there are just way too many options out there for what to wear to the beach/pool.  Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.  Luckily, we’re here to help.  Just please, no more Triangl bikinis.

Presenting: The Best Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2016.


Trend #1: Cutouts



Swimsuits that feature cutouts tend to follow a simple formula: revealing specific parts of the body and making you look so fly.  It’s perfect for the confident woman to show off some sex appeal, while teasing the aquatic audience.  These swimsuits frame the woman’s body so well, and help bring out the wearer’s natural curves.  Cut that one-piece nonsense out and get yourself some cutouts, babe.


Trend #2: Lingerie




No, don’t actually wear your bra and matching G-string to the beach.  The key here is lingerie-inspired.  It evokes the sexiness of actual lingerie with familiar lacy silhouettes, without actually letting (too much) sand get into the little crevices of your body where the sun don’t shine.  Look out for sheer panels, lacy lining and kinky polka dots.


Trend #3: One-shoulder




This utilitarian look manages to combine both the look of lax and HBIC into one dope swimsuit.  Even better, find yourself one with a cutout on the side to really show off that body you dieted for.  This swimsuit trend will give you that Beyoncé all the “Single Ladies” vibe you’ve been dying to try, and it kind of brings back a vintage feel in that “this is vintage if old people were badasses” type of way.


Trend #4: Anything that Kylie Jenner wears



The girl slays. ‘Nuff said.


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