Style Guide: Rain Boots

By Madison Gillespie




Happy April, UIUC – and don’t forget your umbrella!  Spring has sprung its way onto our beloved campus, bringing with it a flourish of rain showers, drizzles and downpours (oh my!).  With no shortage of rainy days ahead of us, having the proper footwear will be a must.  Many students rely on rain boots as they splish and splash between classes, but the dreary weather is often a serious motivation killer to dress nicely.  The mere thought of having to trek across campus in the pouring rain is enough to leave one feeling waterlogged.  But don’t let a few dark clouds get to you!  Rainy-day fashion is more prevalent now than ever, so stomp through every puddle on the quad in an outfit bold enough to make the grayest of days a little brighter.  Here are some tips on how to style your rain boots for success.



From ankle-length to knee-high and available in every color of the rainbow, it’s safe to say that there is a rain boot out there for everyone.  Whether you’re a longtime Hunter fan or prefer a different label, these quick pointers will help you make a splash (pun intended) with your next rainy day OOTD.


  • Don’t be afraid to dress up your boots.  Rain boots are often treated as a casual shoe, but they can easily make a cute and quirky addition to any ensemble.  Try pairing your boots with a dress and blazer, or a button-up skirt and an anorak jacket.  Taking on the damp weather in a fancier look will boost your confidence and make the day a bit more bearable.
  • Patterns are your best friend.  Wearing prints with your wellies will give the gloomy day a fun, playful twist.  You could dress to impress in a horizontal-stripe dress, be classically chic in a checked button-down or keep your look soft and airy with a lightweight, floral print scarf.  While patterned clothing really pops against a colored rain boot, you can still achieve the same effect in black or gray boots too. Just think creatively!
  • Use a statement color in your look.  Bright colors will add vibrancy to the otherwise dreary day.  If you own a pair of colored rain boots, such as red or pink, try using that color somewhere in your outfit.  Or if you’re feeling a bit daring, try wearing multiple colors together.  You could also go for a lipstick that complements your boots.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  Top off your ensemble with a statement necklace, an oversized watch and a nice pair of earrings.  If you’re going out, find a handbag in a matching color to coordinate with your clothes.  And don’t forget about that umbrella! See if you can find a colorful, patterned one to keep you looking fashionable from head to toe.
  • Above all, comfort is key.  Rainy days can be a hassle, so make sure that your outfit doesn’t hinder you.  Find a pair of cozy boot socks to tuck into your wellies, or stay warm in a long knit cardigan or a beanie.  Whatever you decide to wear, just make sure that you feel both confident and comfortable as you head out the door.




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