Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

By Kelli Walker





Rainy days have a funny way of dulling your mood, but The Spread has a couple of ideas on how you can turn those boring rainy moments into the most fun you’ll ever have.


  1. One of the most popular ideas is… Netflix and Chill.

Whether it’s a movie day with your significant other or an all girls night, watching movies is one of the best ways to stay entertained when it’s raining.  With many different genres to choose from you won’t even care about the weather outside (unless you choose a horror film).


  1.  Karaoke Night or Social Get-Together

There’s nothing better than turning on some music and watching your friends trying to sing a couple of tunes.  The get-together can be any kind of your choice and is a great way for you and your friends to let loose and have fun without going out.  Another great suggestion is while the music plays, create a dish together or even before the event to enjoy while having fun.


  1. Truth or Dare… with a Twist

This too can apply as a social get-together, however this game can also be played one-on-one.  Before the event, set out both of your guys’  favorite snacks, dishes, and beverages out in the open.  Turn off your cell phones, television and laptop, but make an exception for music.  For this game, prepare the dares and truths for your partner on a sheet of paper before starting the game and cut them and tape them individually to a deck of cards.  The card game can be any of your choice: UNO, Spades, Gold Fish, etc. as you or your partner place a card on the discard pile, then the other has to perform that truth or dare.


  1. Big Kid at Heart – Mystery Party Game

Some games, no matter how old you get, will always be a classic.  So instead of hide and seek, you can easily play a more mature version of it: Solve the Murder.  This game is simple and fun and creates its own suspense.  If you wish to turn it into a costume party, then feel free to do so to add another level of interest.  There are an endless amount  of murder mystery games to choose from: University Murder, Mardi Gras, Haunted Hotel, Cooperate Chaos, 1920’ Boardwalk and others.  


  1. If you’re not with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t worry!  There are still plenty of fun activities that you can do alone:
  • Turn on the music and take a nice long, hot bath (maybe even throw in bath bomb!)
  • Read a good book.
  • Do homework in advance.
  • Take a trip down memory lane by looking at old photos.
  • Try something new: recipes, hairstyles, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Enjoy the guilty pleasure of online shopping.
  • Treat yourself to a home DIY spa day/treatments.
  • Clean out your closet/room/
  • Do a good workout at home instead of at the gym.


The possibilities are endless; who knows?  You might end up being your own best company!


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