Designers to Watch in 2016

By John Wong




Can we all agree that fashion’s usual suspects are all played out?  Don’t get it twisted; Miuccia, Karl, Olivier and Marc never disappoint on the runway – but it’s time that we acknowledge the fresh meat on the block, designers who have managed to get just as much press and insider attention on and off the runway.  These labels should not be overlooked as we head into the middle of 2016 and beyond.  Follow along.






When your label is a) a French word and b) the French word for “clothes,” then you know you’re up to something.  These guys effectively married streetwear with high fashion, and if the reviews are to be believed, it’s paying off.  Better start brushing up on your pronunciation, because Vetements has been seen on the backs of fashion bigwigs like Rihanna and Kimye and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon.


Max Gengos




You know you’ve spotted a Gengos piece if it looks like it belongs in a neutral, minimalistic, future world where everybody is a statuesque model walking on a sheet of glass for fun.  His pieces are basic but not in a bad way; the silhouettes are clean, crisp and cut so precisely that even the most basic of his dresses ends up looking more chic and badass than you could ever imagine.  Also, Kylie Jenner wore one of his jackets and a  matching dress for a magazine photoshoot.






The two creative minds behind fashion’s hottest It label, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, already had major credentials under their belt before starting their own label – these two worked for Oscar de la Renta before starting Monse (pronounced mon-SAY).  Their brand looks to deconstructed shirts, dresses and menswear-inspired jackets for the woman putting her best foot forward on a regular basis.  Neutral tends to be the dominating theme, but expect some pops of flirty pinks here and there as well.  The celebrity and fashion worlds have definitely taken notice, and let’s be honest: how many other labels can claim have already dressed both Amal Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker before their first runway show at fashion week?  That’s what we thought.


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