Couples Fashion: Twinning is Winning

By Jane Lee


Whether you’re actually in a relationship or you’ve been dreaming about the perfect romance, there are simple trends to follow along.

Have you seen or heard of couples wearing “couple rings,” “couple tees,” “couple shoes,” and “couple-this-and-that?”  Whatever your answer is, it’s an actual thing amongst both young and old lovers around the world, but especially in East Asian countries.


In places like South Korea, couple styling is a must.  First and foremost, Korea is filled with endless couples roaming the streets.  If you’re a single lady, singing along with Beyoncé won’t suffice as moral support in Korea because literally everyone is dating.  Wearing simple matching shirts, shoes or even color-coordinating with your significant other is a popular concept.  This is not something to be ashamed of; instead, twinning with your lover marks a public declaration of your relationship.

Although matchy-matchy styles might not be preferred, color-coordinating or wearing somewhat similar looks with your boyfriend or girlfriend is still favored by some.  The two of you can be as cute, sexy or chic as you’d like.  It’s an entertaining way for couples that are still on cloud nine or in the “honeymoon” stage to think of playful and creative ways to integrate their personal styles into each other’s lives.


So whether your next date is a stroll in the park, working out at the gym or a romantic dinner, try to make the experience more memorable by wearing a “couple look” together.


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