Bringing Coachella Fashion to Campus

By Mea Donnelly




Ahh, Coachella.  Personally, this is one of my favorite music festivals for a couple of reasons: 1) I get to go back to California (my second home), 2) the lineup and music is always AMAZING, and 3) and Bohemian fashion is to die for.  Considering UIUC is a cornfield-like metropolis, it’s a bit tricky to successfully pull off the Bohemian style while going to school. Luckily, there are a few ways to bring Coachella fashion to UIUC.


1.) Flash Tattoos.


This one I cannot emphasize enough.  I personally love Flash tattoos and they are a necessity to any Boho girl or guy.  Recently, one really cool thing I did was to put a strip of a gold flash tattoo down my ring finger, coming off of my gold nail.  It looked really cool when I went out.  In all honesty though, they can  really make a difference wherever you place them.


2.) Kimonos.


Lace kimonos or ones with cool designs instantly create a bohemian vibe when added to an outfit.  With high-waisted shorts and a basic tank, this cute, Coachella-inspired outfit addition helps to create the perfect Boho look for campus.


3.) Off the shoulder, loose dresses.


Another one of my favorites, these dresses are honestly perfect for any occasion — I even wore one at Easter last year.  These dresses are already pretty casual too, so with the right shoe and hair to match, you can easily get the ideal Boho vibe.


4.) Anything with fringe (and yes, I definitely mean anything).


Fringe is the perfect Coachella piece that can easily be brought to campus.  Fringe boots are the perfect outfit addition, fringe skirts create the most perfect Boho look of all and fringe kimonos are to die for — I actually have four.  Fringe is one of the easiest ways to look Coachella.


5.) A flower crown.



Yes, you might get some looks from fellow quad-goers, but a flower crown is an essential Coachella piece, and who says you can’t rock one in biology?


There you have it. These are just five of the ways to bring boho and Coachella vibes all the way from the west coast to our perfect small town of Chambana.  Fly high, you free-birds.



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