13 Times That Andy Dwyer Accurately Described College

By Vanessa Herrera


Andy Dwyer doesn’t need much of an introduction.  However, to those who find themselves clueless, I urge you to start watching Parks and Recreation.  Portrayed by Chris Pratt, Andy is a lovable, humorous character who acts more like a child rather than an adult.  Despite his foolish remarks and actions, one can’t help relating to this fellow, especially as a college student.  Here are 13 moments when Andy accurately captured the feelings and experiences of students.


1) Your Mentality Throughout Your College Career


College is a time period where half the time you truly don’t know what you are doing.  Everyone seems to have it all together on the outside, but the inside is a whole different story.  So don’t worry if you feel lost, you’re not alone.


2) The State of Being Broke


Remember the good old days when you could simply buy treats without worrying about paying rent?  Most students find themselves broke throughout their college career. While others buy drink after drink at the bars, you hold onto your 5 dollar drink throughout the night… or wait until someone offers to buy a round.


3) Dating + Broke =  ?


If you’re dating or have dated, you might have run into this problem. From buying gifts to their food, you probably have noticed your wallet is a bit lighter than when you were single, figuratively speaking. So forget about buying one more round of beers or a Frappuccino, you have to save up for a special treat for your significant other. Word of Advice: DIY gifts are meaningful and inexpensive.


4) Flirting With Your Crush


Not everyone was born to be a Casanova.  Flirting is a language all its own – you either know how to dance the tango of words or you just step all over your own shoes.  Many students find themselves dumbfounded when surrounded by that special someone, leading to the rambling of cute nonsense.  Hopefully their crush has a sense of humor and will find it endearing rather than a disaster.


5) Interview Questions, aka Soul Searching Questions


Various interview questions seem deeper than they should be.  Who are you?  Tell us about yourself.  Tell me who [insert your name] exactly is?  What’s a great quality about yourself?  Suddenly the interviewer seems more like your personal psychologist and you find yourself questioning your own existence.


6) Writing Papers at 3 a.m.


No amount of coffee can prepare you for the fifteen page paper that is due tomorrow.  By the tenth page, you’ll be finding creative ways to turn sentences into your own words.  If only long quotes were allowed to fill in the page.


7) Staying in Shape


On top of school and work, students try to find time to be physically active.  The best and worst feeling ever is the soreness all over your body after working out for the first time in ages, or introducing something new to your muscles.  Many will put off the gym until they’re less busy, trapping themselves in the neverending cycle of aches and pains again.


8) Finding Loopholes in Assignments


You reach a point where you’ll try to find any loophole in your homework in order to save time or avoid dealing with the tedious details.  Students become experts of doing the least in an assignment.  Explain the process of the growth of apple trees… sure, the answer is simply “life,” next question.


9) The Fear of Asking


No question is a dumb question.  We hear this statement all the time but when everyone seems to know what’s going on, you make yourself into a tiny ball in your chair and hide away the numerous questions you have.  We forget office hours exist and walk away with the hopes that Google will have the answer.


10) Appropriateness Level of Sweatpants and Other Things


Freshman year is the time when people care most about their appearance.  By senior year, however, the lack of caring and laziness has taken over.  Why wake up two hours before class when you can wake up thirty minutes before to get ready?  So when sweatpants aren’t allowed, one debates if it’s even worth going to an event that forces us to wear normal clothes.


11) Professors Interrupting Facebook Time


Let’s face it, students have the attention span of a goldfish.  Halfway through the lecture, the professor has either lost you to daydreaming of your crush or Facebooking.  We have learned the art of multitasking, listening to the lecture while scrolling through our news feed, getting the gist of what the lesson is about.  However, for some ungodly reason, the professor calls on you on the day you are least paying attention.  You’re left with a face as red as a hot chili pepper and a disappointed professor.


12) It’s a Hard Knock Life


There’s always a time period during the semester when everything seems to pile all together into a hurricane of disaster.  It’s almost as if your soul has left your body, leaving behind a zombie slogging around campus.  When asked how life is going, your answer resembles Andy’s.


13) Immune to Hardships


On the other hand, no matter how hard it gets we continue to push through.  We accept the hardships knowing that it was all worth it at the end, no matter the number of all-nighters, cups of coffee, weekends spent studying, etc.



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