Transformation Tuesday

By Ada Li


Let’s hop into a time machine and go back to our preteen and teen years. Channel your prepubescent brain, but forget how ridiculous and embarrassing you were back in the day. Reminisce about the heartthrobs who are now grown men and how much they have changed throughout the years.



Remember Bieber before the “out of control” Bieber? Small, adorable, and rocking that shaggy hairstyle that the Beatles once rocked? This young lad was on YouTube winning girls’ hearts before his song “Baby,” but his popularity increased exponentially with its release. Fans were born and so were haters. Some haters would comment on his voice, saying that it sounds like it belongs to a girl, while others just didn’t like him at all.

When Bieber hit puberty, he changed his style from the way he dresses to his hairstyle. No longer is he sporting that puffy side-swept bangs or wearing just jeans, a t-shirt, and that famous purple hoodie. Bieber opted for hip hop inspired outfits and shorter hair. His fame became trouble as news about his bad behavior started circulating in the media in 2012. Reckless driving, vandalism, driving under the influence, and drugs are the words associated with news about Bieber. As Bieber gained a bad reputation, he built a collection of tattoos as well. It wasn’t until 2014 that he set out to better himself and get rid of his inadequate behaviors. The release of Purpose was Bieber’s way of apologizing to the public. Did Bieber really wipe his slate clean? Only time will tell.



Unlike Justin Bieber, Jesse McCartney skipped the out of control, rebellious phase. People like to call him the better JB of his time. Growing up in the early 2000’s meant fawning over Jesse McCartney with your friends. How could one not fall in love with his smile? Not to mention his 90’s blonde hair in “Beautiful Soul.” As time passed and new heartthrobs emerged, he somehow slipped under the radar in the media and pop culture. To this day Jesse is making music with his most recent album Technicolor.

Besides creating music, Jesse McCartney is also an actor and a voice actor. I remember seeing him on What I Like About You, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. Although he isn’t sporting that 90’s blonde hair that gives off a skater boy vibe, he is still a hottie with short brunette hair. Many people point out that he resembles a young Leonardo DiCaprio. He recently appeared in the movie, Chernobyl Diaries, as well as playing the role of Cooper in Young and Hungry as a young computer nerd and genius.

What will these two lads bring us in ten years? More music from both? Will Justin Bieber pursue an acting career as well? How Leonardo DiCaprio will Jesse McCartney get? These are questions better left unanswered. For now, let’s admire the progress they have made so far.


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