Midterm Survival Guide

By Carmen Castillo






We all know that for some unfortunate reason all of our exams fall during the same week.  Don’t wait until the day before to start studying!   Plan ahead.   Maybe you can use one hour to study for one class and the next hour study for another exam.  Try to study whenever you have a minute.  Make some flashcards that you can peek at on the bus or download the Quizlet app and study in between classes.  We all have our phones on us 24/7, so try to make good use of them.


2.) Turn off the music.




Trust me, I know how it is hard to turn off your music – but you’ll thank me in the long run.  It is difficult to study when all you want to do is sing and dance.  It’s better to listen to the music on your way to the exam when you’re trying to de-stress.  If you are going to listen to music while studying, try listening to instrumentals.  Spotify also has tons of playlists for focusing under the “Browse” section.


3.) Find a quiet place to study.




Going to the library during midterm week can be pretty hectic.  Go online and book a room to avoid the wait of finding a table.  Another good place to study is a little coffee shop.  The Starbucks in the Illini Union Bookstore is usually busy, so you might want to make the extra effort to check the Starbucks on Green.  Espresso Royale is also a nice place to study when you want to take a minute to get away, but not the one in the UGL.  Try the one on Oregon first.


4.) Eating is fun.




Don’t put yourself down about snacking here and there, just don’t get carried away.  Try eating granola bars instead of chips, and juice instead of soda.  Food makes everyone happy.


5.) Relax.




Who cares if you take a quick 5 minute nap in front of everyone?  Haven’t you seen people nap on the quad?  It’s normal.  This is college.  This is one of the most stressful times of the semester.  No one is going to judge you.  Put your head down for a few minutes to breathe and get your life together.


That’s pretty much it.  I think you’re all set.  Get out there and ace those midterms.  You got this!



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