Fashion for Seasonal Interludes

By Jane Lee


Okay, Illinois people.  Are we done with the unexpected highs and lows of Chicago weather yet?  Going from 70 degrees one weekend afternoon, then transitioning to a snowstorm warning four days after has gotten the best of students embracing the fierce howling winds.  On the bright side, February is coming to an end and March is gently approaching to gift us with (hopefully) warmer weather and bursts of sunlight.  Let’s not be fooled all too soon, though.  Remember to stay at least a bit bundled up so you won’t catch the mid seasonal sniffles.  However, for now let’s daydream about the newest addition to our closets we can make for the warmer weather.


Staying Cozy in Pink Hues and White Jeans




Warmer weather calls for classic ripped white jeans and nude/pale pink pieces.  Nothing says spring like pastel colors, especially the pale pink and nude combo.  This outfit still incorporates a layering concept, styled accordingly with a cozy drape neck sweater and the additional warmth of a beige cardigan.  Doubling up on two knitted sweaters/cardigans gives you the flexibility to lose the heavy down jackets, and instead show off a classier vibe while retaining the heat.  If the weather is starting to warm up, ripped jeans aren’t a bad idea.  Hop into a pair of distressed white denims, the outfit shows just a bit of skin through the rips.  To continue the ripple effect of the denim’s appearance, pairing nude lace-up heels concludes the ensemble from head to toe.  This outfit is perfect for a brunch date or semi-formal outings.




How to Look Fab Traveling




Have you ever heard of airport fashion?  As the weeks are drawing near to spring break, all the buzz is around getting through exams and projects before heading to your planned “perfect getaway” destination.  Spring break is ever so close and whatever your plans may be, traveling or not, one thing you can plan for is your week’s worth of OOTDs!  This outfit presents a calm, gentle, casual yet formal appearance.  A simple white A-line silhouette dress paired with a light rose/blush toned long blazer draped over it is a match made in heaven.  Though it’s a simple outfit, adding accent pieces such as bold statement sunglasses and dainty jewelry will do the look justice.  Though you can give yourself some height and formality by wearing heels, a pair of clean white sneakers will give you a lovely casual vibe.  This also shows that if you want to look fabulous, yet with adventure awaiting you want to be comfortable and fashionable all at once, this can be accomplished.




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