The Return of March Madness

By Molly Cline




March is a crazy time for college basketball fans around the country, marking a period of 67 college basketball games played within a month.

Sometimes people will do things they’d never do otherwise in order to make the correct picks of who will win each game.  For example, on How I Met Your Mother, Ted and Marshall steal a rolling chalk board out of Lily’s classroom in order to make a giant bracket that they can update throughout the entirety of March Madness.

Many people will enter bracket challenges.  In a bracket challenge, each person needs to pick who they think will win each game before all of the games start.  The probability of choosing correctly is very low, but that does not stop everyone from making their picks.  Whether people are entering competitions for money or not, everyone has a fun time regardless.

Over the years there have been many shocking March Madness events, such as when Louisville’s Kevin Ware broke his leg through his skin and collapsed on the court and teams that just barely made it into the tournament advancing to the Final Four.

For University of Illinois men’s basketball fans, March Madness is something that only lives out in our dreams.  It is a time for us to ponder how far the Illini would get if they made it in, and to watch intriguing games that we have not seen all season.

The first round of March Madness begins on March 18.  It will end in Houston on the weekend of April 2-4, where we will find out who the national champion is.

Let the 77th year of March Madness begin!



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