How to Become an Informed Voter

By Molly Cline




The Illinois primary election is coming up this month.  That means that everyone who is not ready yet needs to start preparing themselves now.  There are many ways to become an informed voter and to make the best decision possible when the day comes.

Here are three things that people can do before the March primary:

  • Watch the debates.

Just watching the debates won’t be enough, however.  Make sure to take notes.  This is important because these notes will always be available for reference when trying to make a decision.

  • Make sure to fact check.

Sometimes the presidential candidates will say crazy things during a debate.  Should viewers assume that just because these individuals are running for office, they must be telling the truth?  No!  Here’s where taking notes comes in handy.  Look back through the notes you took during the debates and look up everything that was said.  Odds are, some of it will not be true.

  • Pay attention to the news.

When events go on in the world, watch and see how the candidates respond.  Their quick reactions to events can help determine how they will really act if elected to office.  If you don’t like how they handle things happening in the news, make sure to take this into consideration while voting.

Being an informed voter is very important.  No one person is too small to make a difference in the country.  Every vote counts.




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