How to be Productive Over Spring Break

By Ruth Chung




Productivity never happens on a whim, especially when given the gift of time; one rarely gets anything done without being purposeful about it.  Spring break is one such gift – a long week where there are no classes and, for the most part, no responsibilities.  This could be either a blessing or a curse.

The blessing is productivity; the curse is wastefulness.  One key to ensuring a productive spring break is to be intentional about time management.  In other words, plan ahead!  Set goals for the break and decide beforehand what is going to be done.  Make it something that will bring you excitement.  Make it meaningful.  Find purpose in it.   Productivity does not necessarily mean creating something—it simply means achieving whatever it was you wanted to get out of the break.  The way to do this is simple: think first.  Plan ahead.  Decide.

In the spirit of this upcoming break, here are a few suggestions for what to focus on to ensure productivity:




1.) Homework

Get it done early.  What better way to spend a break than to have nothing nagging at the back of your mind?

2.) Health

Use this time to consider your personal health.  Start a new workout schedule while there is time; build habits before the school year starts to become busy again.  Or maybe look up a new diet and practice cooking some new, healthier recipes.

3.) Spring cleaning

We all talk about this, but do we really follow through?  Clean out your clothes, your house, your room; get rid of clothes not worn or even just put away the winter gear.  Dust the house; prepare for the breezy season.  Rearrange the room: who doesn’t like a new look?

4.) Mental health

Read a good book.  There is no better way to keep your mind in good shape than by hitting up the classics.

5.) Plan ahead even more!

Think about the upcoming summer.  Search for vacation spots, apply for internships, look for jobs, consider further academic goals and begin to plan for it all.



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