Welcome to the February Issue

February 2016


Greetings and welcome back from a restful winter break!  We apologize for the long reprise, but we are back and excited for another momentous year.  The Spread’s February 2016 Issue is finally here, and this month is all about–you guessed it–love.  We have another round of incredible stories this month, ranging from our pick of celebrity cuties and fashion trends to Valentine’s Day gift guides and charming movie reviews.

It’s that time of year again!  Snuggled between our day of earnest appreciation of the fortune-telling acumen of groundhogs and the observation of Jesus’ resurrection in the form of a gargantuan, gift-giving bunny, we have the punching bag of holidays: Valentine’s Day.  In the February issue, we have tried to encompass everything you might need when it comes to the biggest holiday oxymoron of the year– the both dreaded and anticipated Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re a guy struggling with what to get your girl, or a girl looking for some Galentines inspiration, we’ve got you covered.  From intolerable expectations to romantic date restaurants in the area, we get that everybody needs diverse ways to cope with one of the most marketed holidays of the season.  It is something of a national pastime for many to spend the first few weeks of February bemoaning the very existence of this holiday that has the audacity to honor and celebrate love.  Alas, Valentine’s Day is quite a controversial holiday, and everybody celebrates it through their own subjective perspective.

Be sure to get inspired from reading up on our couples fitness overview; you’ll be whipping out those Lululemon leggings in no time.  If you’re tired of seeing unrealistic high fashion trends that your wallet just can’t cash, stop by our realistic college fashion ode to the more practical student’s closet.  Wanting to get your girl something a little more romantic than half-withered roses at the drugstore?  Spice it up with our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Read up on the romantic adventures you can have with our Valentine’s Day playlist, DIY craft activities and some mouthwatering recipes for a sweet occasion.  Besides, just as celebrating Valentine’s Day is not obligatory by law, it is not forbidden to plot and implement romantic moments on the other 364 days of the year.  But for those people whose lives are demanding and are perhaps more guarded about how and when to express love, Valentine’s Day propositions a dependable space in which all the sentimentality and sincerity that we ridicule the rest of the year is welcome, appreciated and even loved.

Happy reading!


With love,

Hana Hong, EIC



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