Valentine’s Day Playlist

By Carmen Castillo




Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you need some help creating your Valentine’s Day playlist, you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few songs that you can add to get you on the right track.

You Belong With Me – One of the best songs of 2008 was Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, possibly because the music video was so memorable.  This song will make you remember those days you spent crushing in high school.  It is extremely innocent and adorable.  Just like Taylor, you will probably start dancing and singing in your room with a hairbrush.

Give Me Love – Okay seriously, who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran?  This song is a little different.  It is asking to fix a relationship that went wrong.  Even if you have a perfect relationship or no relationship at all, Sheeran’s lyrics will lure you in and make you feel the way he felt when he wrote this song.  With killer vocals and powerful lyrics, you can’t resist but add Give Me Love to your V-Day playlist.

Marry Me Marry Me is an extremely romantic song.  Guys, take notes. Jason Derulo sings everything that a girl wants to hear.  If you want to have a successful Valentine’s Day, you should probably add this song to your playlist.

My Boo – THROWBACK!  Remember when we were kids and we used to sing our hearts out to this song even when we had no love life?  If you plan on having a nice, peaceful night or even a calming song to listen to while traveling somewhere on the 14th, this is it.  My Boo is a song you will catch yourself snapping your fingers and swaying to.

Hollow – Like hearing new songs?  If you have not heard this one yet, you might what to check it out.  Tori Kelly’s soothing voice will give you all of the feels.  As soon as you think the song can’t get any better, here comes Big Sean.  After just one listen, the chorus will be stuck in your head for the next couple hours.

If you enjoyed the songs listed above, here are a few more that you might like for your playlist.

  1. “Best I Ever Had”- Drake (Explicit)
  2. “Lovin’ So Hard”- Becky G
  3. “Thinkin Bout You”- Frank Ocean
  4. “Be Without You”- Mary J Blige
  5. “Right There”- Ariana Grande, Big Sean
  6. “New Flame”- Chris Brown, Usher, Rick Ross (Explicit)
  7. “Kid In Love”- Shawn Mendes
  8. “Right Thru Me”- Nicki Minaj (Explicit)
  9. “I Was Made For Loving You”- Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran
  10. “Just Be Mine”- Cher Lloyd


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