How to Not Look Like a Valentine’s Cliché

By John Wong


Every year, there’s a phenomenon called Valentine’s Day where people think they have to wear red or pink and hearts to fit into the overarching theme of love.  NEWS FLASH: not everybody believes in love.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

It’s time to get real, people. Are you really trying to walk around looking like a heart candy?  Sure, it might’ve been cute when you were in grade school and your teacher had you bring in Valentine’s Day cards to give out to your fellow classmates (and possibly cute Jimmy) in those shoeboxes your mom helped you make.  But that was then.  Even if Valentine’s Day is not your cup of tea (hell, even if your typical Valentine’s Day date is a box of Chinese take-out and the mere phrase “I love you” threatens to send the food right up your throat), you can at least pretend you love yourself on V-Day and not look like a walking cliché or a slob kabob.

Here’s the low-down:


Keepin’ it Casual


Look, there’s nothing wrong with being low-key on Valentine’s Day.  So what if your friends are cuddling their bae at the movies or that one chick you hate just posted an Insta from her candlelit date?  Go out with your other single-and-not-tryna-mingle friends and enjoy a well-deserved girls only dinner date.  Besides, once you look in the mirror with this outfit on, the only person you’ll want to date is yourself.

Go for a comfortable, loose-fitting white sweater for casual days, and there really is no better complement for white than black.  Throw on a pair of black, fitted pants (or leggings), a chic pair of shoes (anything from flats to a pair of Adidas Superstars) and a small bag to hold your essentials.  Chanel boy bags always do the trick, or choose an understated clutch to complete a more “casual luxe” look.  If the day is a bit chillier, throw the look together with a scarf!


Party Hard-y


I get it.  Grabbing dinner with your chicas has been your routine for ages.  Maybe you want to amplify your style and shake your tail feather at the bar at the same time because it’s Valentine’s Day, and you just don’t give a care.  You’re in luck, girl.  Honey, throw on this look and let out your inner wild child. Don’t let those boring couples stop you along the way either.

Is there anything as edgy yet classic as a black leather motorcycle jacket?  It’s trendy, simple, yet badass enough for you to make an impression no matter where you go.  Throw it all together with a casual top (any white t-shirt or crop top will do), a structured pair of skinnies, and some dope shoes (heels always look killer, so if you have that mindset, make sure you can handle your liquor) and a leather bag that screams “boss babe.”  Now get out there and break some hearts, stunna.


Red Carpet Date


Okay, fine.  Can’t forget about the couples, since it is Valentine’s Day after all.  But this doesn’t mean you should settle with the played out red, pink and hearts crap.  So right now, let’s take you from cutesy kitten to sexy vixen.  Follow along.

One color you might’ve noticed that’s on the radar of fashion editors and bloggers everywhere is camel.  Kim Kardashian is an excellent example of how to look great in a camel on camel on camel look.  The goal is to not look like a human Band-Aid.  Choose a form-fitting camel dress, layer it with a camel coat (wool will make your outfit look crisp and more expensive than it actually is) and top it off with some camel heels.  Kim loves her strappy heels, but pretty much anything open or closed toe works here, especially if you stick with the camel color scheme.  It might be V-Day, but who says you can’t look A-list?


For the Mister


Let’s not forget about the guys.  Nothing says sharp and sophisticated like an all-black outfit, especially one that is form-fitting and well put together.  Now, you won’t have to feel like you have to put on a boring button-down or think about which tie to wear during the date (hint: skip the tie).

One trend that’s been all the craze in style lately – the turtleneck.  Steve Jobs had the right idea by going with an all-black one, all the time.  Pair it with a nice skinny blazer, a pair of black jeans (note: jeans, not slacks) and if you want, throw your audience for a loop with white sneaks.  I always like to keep the black going with some nice black suede or leather Chelsea boots, but whatever floats your boat.  Knock ‘em dead, you dreamboat.



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