Galentine’s Day for Singles

By Vanessa Herrera




Valentine’s day is right around the corner and suddenly you have found yourself without a bae to spend the day with. Don’t worry you’re not alone. You have two options: either despise everything Valentine’s related, or embrace it. Some find it better to embrace it rather than fill their day with unnecessary hate. Though Valentine’s Day is for romantic partners to show their affection for one another, singles can show some loving too! Here is Galentine’s Day!

The term was created thanks to Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Though the name was brought to people’s attention through a show, it carries major weight into the real world. You don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone, instead spend it together with your friends! There are numerous activities that will have you forgetting that you’re single.


Fancy Shmancy Dinner or Brunch


Put on your favorite dress or suit and hit the town with your friends. The public will be confusing Taylor Swift’s squad with yours as you walk in with your people. Whether it’s dinner or brunch, treat yourself to a mouthwatering meal because you’re worth it. Spending hours at the table laughing and conversing over everything and anything is always a blast. So order two or three mimosas, it’ll be fun day.


Popcorn Time


Get your friends together, pop some popcorn and watch whatever you please. There is nothing wrong with watching horror movies on a day meant for love. However, you won’t be judged if you watch romantic movies as well. You do you! It doesn’t have to be just movies, it can be television shows as well. All that matters is that you are around people you love and care about.  


Adult Sleepover


Who said sleepovers were only for kids? Get everyone together at someone’s place and spend the night having fun. The best part of adult sleepovers is being able to drink wine while in your pajamas. If you can’t channel your inner Olivia Pope for wine, go for something wilder such as frozen margaritas. There are endless options for the evening such as: getting into intense face smacking pillow fights, eating comfort foods without guilt, and watching movies. It’s up to you to make the most of it.


Shopping Till You Drop


As Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation said, “TREAT YO SELF!” There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself with a day of shopping. You don’t exactly have to go around throwing your money like Kanye West. Spend the day playing dress up; it costs literally nothing to try on something at the stores. Have a laugh with your friends as you try on clothes you would never dare to wear outside in public. At the end of the day, whether you bought yourself something or not, you will have countless selfies with your friends wearing numerous outfits that will serve as memories to last you a lifetime.


Get up and shake that booty!


Have fun dancing! Find your go to friend that is always up for a night filled with dancing and music no matter what day it is. This can be anything from going to the club or bar, renting a private dance room, or spending the evening laughing while playing Just Dance.


Inner Beyoncé


If dancing isn’t your forte, why not trying singing. Grab the mic and sing your heart out to countless classics and throwbacks at karaoke bars. You could also sing karaoke in your living room with your friends! Bring that Queen B out and slay those chords, no one will judge.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!


You are not forced to do anything! In all seriousness, you can spend Valentine’s Day like any other normal day and no one will judge. Don’t feel like you are inclined to do something special just because it’s Valentine’s Day.


That being said, I hope you all do whatever you wish as long as you don’t feel hate towards this day. I know it can be a bore to watch couples flaunt their roses and chocolates to the world but don’t feel bad. There’s numerous people who love you; family and friends. I know this sounds repetitive especially when someone tells you that there are plenty fish in the sea. But you know what I say? There’s nothing wrong with being single. We’re in a time of age where we enjoy our single life and appreciate those moments. Whether you’re a single hopeless romantic or a single life enjoyer; do whatever makes you happy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Like I always say, you do you.



Here’s a video for laughs and giggles that makes me happy to be single.


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